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12am - 6am 
Dwayne Elliot     

Midnight  - 6am
The Greatest Songs of All Time
1am - 6am
The Greatest Songs of All Time
6am - 10am  
Morning Show
6am - 9am
Live from the 60s
6am - 7am
Front Porch Pickin' (Bluegrass Gospel)

10am - 2pm
The Professor & Stefanie

9am - 10am
Let's Talk Sports
7am - 8am 
Gaither Homecmoing (Gospel)

2pm - 6pm
Ernie G. Anderson (Top 5 @ 5)

10am - 2pm  
M.G. Kelly's Back to the 70s
8am - 10am 
The Singing Convention (Gospel)

6pm - Midnight
MJ McKay
2pm - 5pm
Stoneman Dance Party

10am - 10:30am
Wurtland First Church of the Nazarene          

5pm - 8pm
Dick Bartley's Rock N Roll's Greatest Hits
10:30am- 11am
Greenup Christian Church

  8pm - 1am
Wolfman Jack
11am - 1pm
The Singing News Top 20

    1pm - 6pm
Powerline with Brother John Rivers

    6pm - 9pm
Dick Bartley's Classic Hits Show

    9pm - Midnight
M.G. Kelly's American Hit List